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Who can be included in SILO's archive?

All young people up to the age of 25 with a dream of acting can be admitted to SILO’s archive if their profile lives up to our requirements, which will be clarified when filling out our application form.

What does it cost to become part of SILO?

It is completely and utterly free to stay and be a part of SILO, but we expect you to make an effort when you sign up. If a profile does not meet our profile requirements, the profile will unfortunately be deleted.

Are there any requirements for the pictures on my profile?

It is super important that the images look like you, without filter and reasonably fresh in order to be able to assess you for future jobs. You need to upload a profile picture – preferably a close-up of your face with a neutral background.

You will need to upload 3-4 pictures of yourself: preferably a close-up of your face, one in full figure and one you think gives a good insight into who you are. You can take some new pictures or use some from your camera roll. The only criterion is that they must look alike.

Avoid photos with sunglasses and things that hide your face.

How do I make a great presentation video for my profile?

When making your presentation video, just be natural. We want to meet you just the way you are – imagine fx. you are talking to us: Jonas and Jette.

Introduce yourself, by name, age and where you live. You can fx. mention if you’ve done some acting before, why you dream of doing acting, something that makes you happy, or something completely different.

Your video can easily be filmed on your mobile: hold the phone horizontally and look in the lens and NOT at the picture of yourself. Make sure the lighting and sound are good so we can hear your voice and see your face.

The video must be a maximum of 2 minutes.

How do I upload my presentation video?

Your video must be uploaded to YouTube as a hidden video and the video link must then be copied into the YouTube field on your SILO profile.

See how to upload and find the link here:

Can you update your profile once created?

Once you have created an actor profile, you can access your profile as often as you like. We recommend that you update your profile at least every six months – or if you change your appearance significantly, as an updated profile gives us a better opportunity to evaluate you for jobs. But there should always be only one video link and a maximum of four photos on your profile page.

What is the agreement between SILO and the actor in the archive?

The actor is affiliated with SILO on a freelance basis. There is thus no employment relationship between SILO and the actor.

SILO mediates the contact between the actor and the customer, and the actor is only in a contractual relationship with the customer and not SILO.  SILO is always available for sparring and counseling of our associated actors in the archive in connection with contracts.

What jobs can I be cast for?

You can be cast for fiction (series, short and feature films), commercials and promotions.

So what happens when I'm created in the archive?

Once you have been created in SILO’s archive, you will hear from us if we would like to cast you. Castings can take place very differently from time to time, but we will guide you and say what we need in terms of image, video material and physical attendance.

If you have been cast but did not get the role, it definitely does not mean that you do not have the opportunity to get another in the future. The creator behind a project often has a clear idea of what the character should look like, so if you do not immediately fit into that performance, do not take it personally at all. Instead, be patient and hope that another offer comes later.

Who pays the actor's salary for a job?

The customer who hires the actor pays the actor. And it is between the customer and the actor that the contract is written. SILO is therefore not liable for the contract, and SILO does not cover financially if the customer goes bankrupt. At SILO, we are always there to help look through your contract, spar with you and guide you.

How long have I been in SILO's archive?

Your personal information will generally be stored for two years from the time you created your profile. After two years, however, we may obtain your renewed consent for us to continue to store your personal information in our archive.

Other questions?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at